I’m a Grown Man!

I can remember growing up in my parents’ house, hoping for the day when I could leave and be on my own. I couldn’t wait to be free of their rules, those chores, their speeches about my grades, and every other thing that annoyed me. Every child dreams of being out on their own and being free to do whatever you want when you want. And then reality strikes. I turned 18, and I turned 21. And what I realized is that being free really isn’t free at all. Those amenities I enjoyed at my parents’ house, now I am responsible for the payments that make those things possible. The mortgage was never an issue for me at 13 years old. Lights, water, heat, grocery, cable, phones, internet, car notes, insurance, health care. These are things that I took for granted as a child.

Now that I’m a grown man, with my own family, I wish for the days when I could eat for free. If all I had to worry about was cleaning my room and doing my homework, I would gladly go back for a month free from responsibility.  That’s the ironic thing about life. Younger people want to be older. And older people wish they could be younger again. What I’ve learned is an appreciation for where I am. No, I can’t remain a child forever. But I can accept the fact that I am grown now, and still find ways to enjoy my life.

For those of you who want to be “free”, just remember that free isn’t really free at all. It costs to be the boss. And these blessings don’t fall in your lap just because you want them. The Bible says that if a man doesn’t’ work, he doesn’t eat. So the next time you decide that your parents’ rules are too strict, or that their house feels more like a prison, just remember how good you have it right now. And soon enough, you will be free to live wherever you want and pay for everything that comes with it.

Adulthood means accountability. And there are times when I wish I wasn’t a grown man…..

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