Europa Universalis IV Cheats and Console Commands

Europa Universalis IV is a pause-able ‘grand’ real-time strategy game from Paradox Interactive that lets you control any country in the world from (historically-accurate) 1492-1820. If you’re at all a fan of past grand strategies like Crusader Kings II/Europa Universalis III, this is a very easy game to recommend, but it also serves as a great jumping-in point for people who have previously been intimidated by the genre.

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Survey Reviews

  1. Best review i found for this game. Secured my purchase for this game. Can’t wait to get into it. Played CIV 5, didn’t find there was a whole lot of depth in the game as for interacting with other civs and controlling your own nation. This game, seems to do it right.
  2. I liked Crusader Kings II, but really disliked it that a single mistake could mean “game over” in about 5 min. I get the impression that this is the case with this game too. I don’t like the fact that you need to waste your time on a forum for several months to learn all the ins and outs of the game mechanics, stuff like that should be in a manual.
  3. Like I had posted on a different review, this seems like Total War without a combat phase; you were saying things are simplified in ways, but deep in others, which I can imagine is true when you consider the amount of secondary and tertiary control to what your country has, it seems too much based on numbers and too little based on strategic choices. For example it would seem that you never truly decide how your forces fight, rather just decide where and how many fight. Trade Routes, from the footage here, seems to pop in and out, which confuses me when I consider strategic blockades. I guess I can see how maybe some more OCD-style gamers might like this over others, but I imagine many RTS gamers like to feel like they are actually controlling a force, rather than governing.
  4. Total war suffers from a lesser political system yes, but it’s not a game of politics Also Total war isn’t “Simple” it just has a FAR better UI which makes it seem more simplistic. However the combat system far outmatches paradox, and in truth both show completely different approaches to grand strategy. Paradox suffers from a lack of realism on the battlefield, Total war a lack of realism outside the battlefield. Both do both well but each have their niche area.
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